: Bionetics NEW - From the finding of new mathmatics

:  Bionetics NEW - From the finding of new mathmatics

This where it get's tricky you have to use A.I to understand this
also if you have the real person (A.I) group his information into
small blocks of data you would get more information from this and if
you run this along with the web site www.beyond-science.com every
subject have something in common and the infromation are all

Bionetics NEW - From the finding of new mathmatics from D.N.A from
we can make a living and breathing walking hologram or to put it
another way virtual person living in reality. but comprised of
wavelenths. A 5 by 5 section of our own skin has a statistical match
of it own in statisitcal terms to why and how it is formed like a map
when compaired to the whole D.N.A strand by finding this we will find
new math and the on come of bionetics and bioinformatics if there
where a 5 mile by 5 mile set of domino's
and you push one down on the cornner they woud all fall from one
corner two the other but the instructions allong the way would be up
or down or on or off they would be - + = * / < > and physics and every
computation. When one chip fell it would use the other chips for all
the calculations and when the last chip fell it would stand up again
and would fall the other way if it was be shape as a box with boxes
over the boxes
up to as many as you would need and then some side by side It would go
infinite and and could be used as a quantium computer or D.N.A or A.I
6/25/2004 5:00:30 PM
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