Issues with Uniface upgrade v.7.2.06 to v.8.4.04 (Windows XP, Oracle 8.1.7, SQL* Net)


We are currently trying to upgrade from Uniface 7.2.06 to 8.4.04.
Windows XP, Oracle 8.1.7, SQL* Net

I did the following so far.

Installed the Uniface Version 8.4.04 with SOLID on my local pc (Windows
XP Prof)
I was able to start the application and the IDF enviroment was able to

Since we are using Oracle 8.1.7 as our database, I created the new
schema with required permissions.

I crated the repository in Oracle (SID DEV1) by running the sql scripts
from the installation folder
    C:\Program Files\Compuware\Uniface\sql\ora4*.sql

Modified the Asssingment file for the IDF by adding
$active_field 	col=15
$putmess_logfile c:\misc_aps\usys84\uniface.log


usys:idf.aps            usys:..\components\idf.aps
usys:uu*.frm            usys:..\components\uu*.frm
usys:ur*.svc            usys:..\components\ur*.svc
usys:uu*.svc            usys:..\components\uu*.svc
usys:uqtb*.*            usys:..\components\uqtb*.*
uqtd*.*                 usys:uqtd*.*
usys:*.trx              usys:..\trx\*.trx

$DATA ORA:dev1|?|?
$DICT ORA:dev1|unfc84|unfc84


usys$ora_params = dpa, dc, dhfr
ORA = U4.2

But when I started the IDF through the shortcut, I am getting error as
5802 - Unable to start the component UUDICT08: Signature not found

Where am I going wrong here?

Let me know your suggestions to find the cause and fix it.

Thanks in Advance...


5/11/2006 9:38:36 PM
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