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Embedding Forth
I have recently been fiddling around with a DIY car computer, a MegaSquirt II (http://www.megamanual.com/index.html if you are interested). It is based on a 25MHz Freescale/Motorola M68HCS12 chip endowed with 128k flash and 4k RAM. The open-source firmware is written in mixed C and assembly language and I have contributed a small amount of assembly code to improve some of the interpolation going on in there. This brought on a bit of nostalgia since it was quite similar to M6809 code, one of the first processors I became intimate with. Anyhow, to the point. While I have never *coded* Forth...

forth in forth
I came across this in the archives: >The widely shared belief (among both Forthies >and outsiders) that every "real" Forth programmer hacks together >his own compiler/interpreter/programming environment also makes >the Forth community look frivolous or at best naive. Most people >who program for a living know that there are more useful ways to >spend their time than building their own programming environment -- >the key to productivity is leveraging off other peoples' work. HERESY in the Forth community! Imagine... NOT coming up with your own CASE statement or local variable implemetation? Use OTHER PEOPLES TOOLS? Yuccch! One thing you can count on in the Forth community... try to establish a standard ANYTHING, and all that will happen is others will come up with their own implementation, defeating the purpose of standardization. Why is this? I mean, I'm usually quite happy to program in other languages without building my own interpreter or compiler. For instance with Ruby, the only time I even considered it's implementation was when I was learning how it's class structure was organised, and that was only because some of my references talked about the internals. Now with Forth, it seems like every step along the way makes me think about writing my own implementation! A couple of months back I designed (in outline) a prototype based OOPS for forth, and before I could finish it I was planning how to write a ...

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Copyleft and embedded Forth
I'm still trying to get my head around the Free Software concept. If I buy a Ford and it uses GPL'd code in it's engine controller, Ford is required to publish the source code to it's engine controller. I'm guessing that Ford would rather not have the GM and Chevy engineers poring over their code so they would buy a license to the otherwise GPL'd code. No problem. Something like CDDL allows commercial developers to keep one foot in the Open Source camp since only selected files are copylefted. If you change them, you have to publish the source code to your changes. Not...

addition of additive noise
How do I add additive noise to an image using matlab? I am experimenting on removal of additive noise by various techniques, so I wanted to know on this matter ...

Gforth-EC, the underappreciated embedded Forth
Hi, I've been having a look at Gforth-EC lately, that's the embedded cross-compiled Forth support that has been included with Gforth all the time, but as it's well hidden and pretty undocumented, I guess most people wouldn't have noticed it. Now it turns out it only takes a few commands to generate a usable 8086 gforth-ec executable, running in dosbox (i.e. emulated under Linux): From the Gforth source directory, run: ../build-ec 8086 mv kernl-8086.fi gforthec.com # need to rename for dosbox to execute it dosbox gforthec.com And voila, it prints the standard Gforth welcom...

Starting with forth... personal embedded projects
Hello c.l.f, When I was but a young lad, with my first computer (a Sinclair ZX-81) I purchased a Forth cassette (ZX-FORTH). Unfortunately, my teenaged mind at the time wasn't quite ready for how different Forth was from BASIC, and I gave up after a while. (In my defense, the manual was terrible). Now, some thirty-mumble years later, with a long career of sysadminning, and learning languages behind me, I've decided to re-visit my earlier failing, and pick up where I left off, learning Forth. I've got a couple of projects in mind (the first one would be some kind of monitoring st...

[FSL] Additions to Forth Scientific Library
I'm very pleased to announce some additions to the Forth Scientific Library at http://www.taygeta.com/fsl/sciforth.html David N. Williams' set of words for complex numbers and functions has been added as Algorithm #60. I strongly suggest that anyone writing code with complex arithmetic follow his conventions and standards. They provide a clear and cohesive vocabulary, a good de-facto standard IMHO. A file with code (by DNW) for testing complex numbers and functions has also been added as an Auxiliary file. Another addition to the set of Auxiliary files is an up-to-date version of...

"permission denied" happening too often
Hello, I've got Ruby scripts that have been working fine for years now. But, every now and then, one of my scripts errors out with a "permission denied" error. This is very frustrating. Usually, it involves moving a file to either a sister directory or a subdirectory. And, like I said, 99% of the time it works fine. Has anyone else experienced this? It kind of scares me because it's only been happening for me with Ruby. It didn't use to happen with Perl, and, believe, I don't want to go back to Perl. Thanks, Peter -- Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.c...

[News] New Additions for Linux in Devices/Embedded Space
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Tilera wins VC from Broadcom, Quanta, NTT ,----[ Quote ] | The chips support Linux at the 2.6.26 kernel | level and an open source stack that includes | Apache, PHP and MySQL, as well as the GNU | GCC compilers and the C/C++ compilers that | Tilera has licensed from Silicon Graphics. | (This is what leads everyone to believe that | the Tilera chips are variants of the MIPS | architecture once controlled by SGI.) `---- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/03/09/tilera_vc_funding/ LinuxCertified Announces its next Linux Device Driver Development Course ,----[ Quote ] | LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of | Linux training and services, today announced | its next Linux Device Driver Development | Course class to be held in South Bay, CA | from March 15th - 17th, 2010. `---- http://www.linuxpr.com/releases/11956.html Amazon Looks for Developers For Kindle Browser ,----[ Quote ] | Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in | Computer Science or a related field, three | or more years experience in Java, | familiarity in Web standards, experience | working with browser engines and experience | working with embedded devices on Linux. `---- http://www.tomshardware.com/news/amazon-kindle-browser-web-ereader,9845.html Linux-ready plug-in enables IPv6 traffic over IPv4 nets ,----[ Quote ] | Access subsidiary IP Infusion announced a | new Linux-ready "stateless tunneling" | product that enables t...

Forth is to program , Forth is NOT to study ..
Forth is to program , not to learn , nor study . Study is for students , Students dont eat well . They seek help and subsidy , and credencials .. all , far from productive programming . There is NO arguement , NO arguement in Forth , cause it is always done LEAST WORK , FASTEST runtime . In 40 years , Humans have built up school systems , universities, industries and factories Since it is a "system" , its uncompetitive . Competition and profits are impossible from any system . Accountants can see the "books" indicate this is ...

Embedding Python in an embedded system
Howdy. I'm looking at embedding python in a little embedded system. The device (a linksys wrt54g router, popular hack object since it runs linux), has limited resources. Just 4MB flash and 16MB memory. I'm interested in Python because I need to be more agile with developing an application for this platform. Currently I am using C++ but it takes just too much time to develop/debug code. Does anyone have experience doing something like this? S. Stefan Arentz wrote: > Howdy. > > I'm looking at embedding python in a little embedded system. The device > (a linksys wr...

no forth pc? no forth replacement for mysqL? a la www.prevayler.org? no forth appserver?
how about a forth clone of iceWM in 1% the code? On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 8:36:49 PM UTC-6, the_gavino_himself wrote: > how about a forth clone of iceWM in 1% the code? Right now, what I'm interested in is niche RPGMaker-type games on Android. I've done some of this work already in Java, including creating a map editor (on Android) and a playable demo, using First Seed Material (http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/index.php) assets I gave up on my last alternatives to Java when I found Terminal IDE, which allowed me to move code all the way from Java source to installable .apks on the device itself. But now there is a Forth system on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gnu.gforth&hl=en I don't know if it'll have on-device turnkey facilities soon or ever, or how deployment will otherwise work. I've some familiarity with Java API, the Android way of XML-specified interfaces and the like (fortunately, games mostly ignore that part of Android), but JNI and friends is still a mystery to me. But you can get the satisfaction of being able to touch an icon and have your Forth app start up.... by the roundabout method of having an auxiliary app that 1) slides Forth source into starta.fs on the SD card and then 2) launches gforth. It's satisfying anyway. So in the manner of someone laying down track with the expectation that there will be a tunnel through the mountain by the time the mountain is reache...

Forth Dimensions, Embedded Systems Programming, Dr. Dobb's
I have a few years of Forth Dimensions (I keep forgetting to bring the volume list into work, but it is from the last few years it was published, I think), and some classic Embedded Systems Programming and Dr. Dobb's from the era when they talked about Forth quite often. I was thinking of selling these on eBay, but decided to give comp.lang.forth folks first crack. Basically, if you want these, let me know. I'm not looking to make a profit, so all I ask is that you pay shipping. The idea is to get these into the hands of someone who will do something with them. It is unlike...

Salahuddin, in addition hazards male and african, wipes as well as it, playing primarily.
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Anyone know of a version of Forth for RISC OS? I used to use Forthmacs by Hanno Schwalm a few years ago, but I've been out of the Acorn scene since 2000, recently returned with an Iyonix. Hanno's site seems to be down and no reply from his old e-mail address. Anton -- Hi, By the process of poking various fingers onto keys Anton generated this: > Anyone know of a version of Forth for RISC OS? > > I used to use Forthmacs by Hanno Schwalm a few years ago, but I've been out > of the Acorn scene since 2000, recently returned with an Iyonix. Hanno's > site see...

Has anyone got an implementation working on a TREO 600? Ian implementation of what On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:44:49 +0000 (UTC), "Ian Jones" <bellevueparkw@btinternet.com> wrote: |Has anyone got an implementation working on a TREO 600? | |Ian | Alien at Large wrote: > On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:44:49 +0000 (UTC), "Ian Jones" > <bellevueparkw@btinternet.com> wrote: > > |Has anyone got an implementation working on a TREO 600? > | > |Ian > > implementation of what What he said in the subject line. (Hint: it&#...


my tx5 always wants to download to "addit" ...is there any way to stop this? tia ... steve ...

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Hello, I'm trying to estimate a VAR model of two equations. - the portmanteau test shows that my residuals are cross correlated - one of my equation exihibit an ARCH pattern I cannot use the AUTOREG procedure as I have a system of equations to estimate. I cannot use the VARMAX procedure because it is not possible to impose an ARCH structure for one equation only. I guess I should opt for the proc MODEL. I think I can program it. The problem here is how to check that my model is the right one ? Do you know how to generated the diagnotic checks given by the Pro c VARMAX with the proc Mo...

FISH: A free Reference Model Flash resident FORTH for the NXP LPC1114 and LPC812:
From the Glossary: FISH is a 32-BIT Flash resident Forth. FISH: By Clyde W. Phillips Jr. and A-TEAM FORTH. Copyright 2013-2014 This FISH document enumerates and explains a Reference Model (RM) FISH word= set for all ARM 32bit processors. As such FISH uses 32bit word alignment p= adding, which is done with 0FFh. FISH is a Flash resident FORTH Reference Model interpreter / compiler for t= he Cortex-M0/M0+. FISH is a modernized F83-ish standard. FISH is richly fea= tured: FLASH_SAVE of code in Ram, a reserved RUN turnkey word, multi-line c= omments and a slimmed down categorized...

Forth16e, Forth32e, "de facto" forth programming standards for embedded
Hi all, I don't want to start another ANS forth standard war here. It's just my own experience that for an 32bit embedded system (microcontrol= ler class) a good simple ANS forth system or cross compiler is quite an ove= rkill. ANS maps quite good for a 16bit system, and that's normal. But the compatib= ility between 16bit and 32bit adds a big overhead for a 32bit system. Here are two sensible areas: 1. picture numeric output. It imposes the usage of double numbers. For a 16bit system it is about ok. = You're likely to need it, and if you really want, you can add ...

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TBI can cause a variety of problems including physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral complications. Symptoms that may occur after a ...

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More complications for Turnbull
The resignations of Warren Truss and Andrew Robb complicate an already messy job of ministerial shuffling explains Mark Kenny.

More complications for Turnbull
The resignations of Warren Truss and Andrew Robb complicate an already messy job of ministerial shuffling explains Mark Kenny.

Complications at birth and low birth weight increase the risk of autism
A new study shows that babies born prematurely are more likely to develop autism.

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