Call for Papers: The 2009 International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEEE 2009)

CFP: The 2009 International Conference of Electrical and Electronics
Engineering (ICEEE 2009)
From: IAENG - International Association of Engineers

Draft Paper Submission Deadline: 2 March, 2009
Camera-Ready papers & Pre-registration Due: 30 March, 2009
WCE 2009: London, U.K., 1-3 July, 2009

The conference ICEEE'09 is held under the World Congress on
Engineering 2009. The WCE 2009 is organized by the International
Association of Engineers (IAENG), a non-profit international
association for the engineers and the computer scientists. Our
congress committees have been formed with over two hundred and eighty
committee members who are mainly research center heads, faculty deans,
department heads, professors, and research scientists from different
universities like Cambridge, MIT and Oxford etc.

The conference proceedings will be published by IAENG (ISBN:
978-988-17012-5-1) in hardcopy. The full-text congress proceeding will
be indexed in major database indexes so that it can be assessed
easily. Revised and expanded version of the selected papers may be
included as book chapters in the standalone edited books under the
framework of cooperation between Springer, America Institute of
Physics, IEEE Computer Society, and IAENG. The abstracts will be
indexed and available at major academic databases. The accepted papers
will also be considered for publication in the special issues of the
journal Engineering Letters, in IAENG journals and in edited books.
For reference, the recent IAENG post conference edited books include
titles like for example: Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer
Engineering, Advances in Communication Systems and Electrical
Engineering, and Advances in Industrial Engineering and Operations
Research by Springer, and Current Themes in Engineering Science by
America Institute of Physics.

The topics include, but not limited to, the following:

Electrical Engineering:

(such as EEG, ECG, and EKG, various other monitoring equipment)

Power engineering
(such as electrical generators, electric power transmission)

(such as television, radio, mobile phone, optical multiple access

Control engineering
(such as auto pilot, cruise control, climate control, space
exploration, smart bomb)

Signal processing
(such as electronic filter, digital filter, video and audio signal
processing, radar, sonar, beamforming)

Electronics Engineering:

Iintegrated circuit
Electronic amplifier
Circuits and networks
Analog circuits
Digital circuits
Nonlinear circuits
Mixed-mode circuits
Circuits design
Silicon devices
Thin film technologies
CAD tools
DNA computing
Molecular computing
Superconductivity circuits
Antennas technology
System architectures
Circuits for Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Computing


WCE 2009 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors
are invited to submit their draft paper in full paper (any appropriate
style) to WCE{at}iaeng.org by 2 March, 2009. The submitted file can be
in MS Word format, PS format, or PDF formats.

The first page of the draft paper should include:
(1) Title of the paper;
(2) Name, affiliation and e-mail address for each author;
(3) A maximum of 5 keywords of the paper.

Also, the name of the conference that the paper is being submitted to
should be stated in the email.

It is our target that the reviewing process and the result
notification for each submitted manuscript can be completed within one
month from its submission. The reviewing process is to ensure the
quality of the accepted papers in the WCE congress. The conferences
have enjoyed high reputation among many research colleagues ( for
example, see the http://cs.conference-ranking.net/ or http://www.conference-ranking.com/
or http://www.conference-ranking.org/cs.html ).

ICEEE 2009 Conference Committee

Dr Ioannis Alexandrou
Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics,
University of Liverpool, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L69 3GJ, UK

Dr Maaruf Ali
Senior Lecturer in Telecommunications Engineering & Media Technology,
Department of Electronic Engineering, Oxford Brookes University, UK;
Vice-chair of the IEE Berkshire Specialist Branch on Electronics,
Control, Computing and Communications

Prof. Naci Balkan (co-chair)
Professor of Optoelectronics, Department of Electronic Systems
Engineering, University of Essex, United Kingdom

Dr. Khaled Benkrid
Lecturer, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Queen's
University Belfast, UK

Prof. Mietek Brdys
Head of 'Decision Support and Control Systems' Network Research Centre
and Director of Postgraduate Admissions,
Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The
University of Birmingham, UK
Professor, Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, Dept. of
Control Systems, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland

Dr. Octavian Buiu
Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics,
University of Liverpool, UK

Dr Hans Bleijs
Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Department of Engineering,
University of Leicester, U.K.

Dr. Jeremy O'Brien
Lecturer, Department of Physics & Department of Electrical
Engineering, University of Bristol, UK

Dr. Simon Busbridge
Research scientist, School of Engineering, University of Brighton, UK

Dr. Wenping Cao
Senior Lecturer and Course Leader Electrical Engineering, School of
Science and Technology, University of Teesside, UK

Dr. Franjo Cecelja
Reader, School of Engineering, The University of Surrey, UK

Prof. Chin-Chen Chang (IEEE Fellow, IEE Fellow)
Chair Professor in Department of Information Engineering and Computer
Science, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Dr. Guanghui George Chen (co-chair)
Reader, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of
Southampton, UK

Dr. Colm Durkan (co-chair)
University Lecturer in Nanotechnology and Fellow of Girton College,
Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr John Fletcher (co-chair)
Lecturer, Department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering,
Heriot-Watt University, UK

Dr H. Ghafouri-Shiraz (co-chair)
Senior Lecturer in Communications Engineering, The University of
Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UK

Dr. Mohammad Ghavami
Reader with the Ultra Wideband Communications Group, King's College
London, University of London, UK

Dr Damian Giaouris
lecturer in Control Systems, School of Electrical, Electronic and
Computer Engineering,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Dr Gunti Gunarathne (co-chair)
Lecturer and Industrial consultant, Electronics, industrial and
biomedical instrumentation,
School of Engineering, The Robert Gordon University, UK

Dr. Shyqyri Haxha
Lecturer in Optical Communication Systems, Department of Electronics,
University of Kent, UK

Dr Alton Horsfall
Lecturer, Microelectronics Technology Group, School of Electrical,
Electronic and Computer Engineering, Newcastle University, UK

Dr. Mark Leeson
Associate Professor, MSc Course Manager, School of Engineering,
University of Warwick, UK

Dr. Christos Mias
Associate Professor, Applied Electromagnetics and High Frequency
Telecommunications Laboratory, School of Engineering, University of
Warwick, UK

Dr. Mori Nejad Vaezi-Nejad
Senior Lecturer in Communications Technology, Department of CCTM at
North Campus, London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr. Jose Nunez-Yanez
Lecturer, Department of Electronic Engineering, Bristol University, UK

Dr. Theodor D. Popescu
Member of the Scientific Council, National Institute for Research and
Developent in Informatics, Romania

Dr. Ghanim A. Putrus (co-chair)
Reader in electrical power engineering,
Director of training programmes for industry,
School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences, Northumbria
University, U.K.

Prof. Noel Shammas
Professor, Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology,
Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

Dr. Paul Steenson
Senior Lecturer, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,
University of Leeds, U.K.

Dr. Wen-hu Tang
Research scientist, Electrical Engineering & Electronics, University
of Liverpool, UK

Dr. Yuri Vershinin ( co-chair )
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Design,
Faculty of Engineering and Computing, Coventry University, UK

Dr. Bal Virdee (co-chair; FIEE)
Director of London Metropolitan University Microwaves,
Department of Computing, Communications Technology & Mathematics,
North London Campus, London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Jihong Wang
Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics,
University of Liverpool, UK

Prof. Q H Wu (FIEE; co-chair)
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director of the National
Instruments e-Automation Laboratory,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, The University
of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dr. Yongbing Xu
Anniversary Reader in Nanotechnology, Head of Spintronics Laboratory,
Department of Electronics, The University of York, UK

Dr. Qing-Chang Zhong
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical Eng. and Electronics, The
University of Liverpool, UK

WCE Congress Co-chairs

Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky
Professor of Engineering Science
Dean, Trinity College
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK

Prof. Andrew Hunter
Professor & Head of Department
Head of Vision and AI Research Group,
Dean of Research
Department of Computing and Informatics,
Lincoln University, UK

Prof. David WL Hukins, CPhys, FinstP, FIPEM, FRSE
Professor of Bio-medical Engineering
Head of Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering,
University of Birmingham, UK

Prof. Leonid Gelman (honorary co-chair)
Professor and Chair in Vibro-Acoustic Monitoring,
Chairman of COMADIT, British Institute of NDT,
Director, Centre of Vibro-Acoustics and Fatigue,
Department of Process and Systems Engineering, School of Engineering
Cranfield University, UK

Dr. Christopher John Hogger (honorary co-chair)
Senior Lecturer
Department of Computing
Imperial College London, UK

Prof. Darek J. Ceglarek (ICMEEM honorary co-chair)
Professor, International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick,
Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Fellow of CIRP; Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Automation
Science and Engineering, and ASME Transactions on Manufacturing
and Engineering

Dr. Stephen Payne (ICSBB honorary co-chair)
University Lecturer in BioMedical Engineering
Dean of Degrees Keble College, Head of Physiological Understanding
through Modelling, Monitoring and Analysis Group,
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK

More details about the WCE 2009 can be found at:

More details about the International Association of Engineers, and the
IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, and the IAENG
International Journal of Applied Mathematics can be found at:
The official journal web site of Engineering Letters at:
Other Engineering Letters web sites at:

It will be highly appreciated if you can circulate these calls for
papers to your colleagues.

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