ASSURA - failed to build VDB

Hi everyone

Sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to find a 
solution/explanation using Google and found a tread on that explains my problem exactly (*1). There, 
Andrew has suggested that the Assura version could be a problem, but 
there is no real conclusion to it.

Therefore I thought that I would try my chances here. I have everything 
set-up (or so I think) and LVS is running. The problem only relates to 
DRC where I get the following errors:

error:  Illegal modifier 'withIntersection'.
    645. e18H = geomOr(drc(SAB DIFF (sep < 0.24) withIntersection))
*WARNING* Failed to build VDB. Cannot submit DRC Run.

I am running the following versions

Cadence 5.0.33_USR2.34.8
Assura 3.1

I hope that someone can help me out here.


jhm1 (8)
1/10/2007 10:59:40 AM
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