how to create wire,pin in schematic pcell

I need to build a higher level of PCell, and I need to instantiate other PCells in my customized PCell, eg. a parameterized inverter.

However, inside pcDefinePCell, the sch function family can't be used, which makes the creation of wire, net, pins really hard

I followed the example of the following discussion "busset.il"

The code I used to generate the terminals are

net=dbCreateNet(pcCellView wireLabel)
term=dbCreateTerm(net net~>name "inputOutput")
dbCreateConnByName(net nfet wireLabel)

and the wireLabel is a pre-defined string type constant for the name of the net.

This is an easy way to build the connectivity of instance's terminals and cell terminal, but when I want to build a more complicated PCell, it's hard to find the connectivity.

I know there're some function of 
dbCreateWire, dbCreatePin, dbCreateLabel

Can anyone give me an example to generate the schematic pcell with the wire, label, pin added?
9/16/2016 1:52:22 AM
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