Helical sweep cut, can't dimension


I can't dimension a helical swept cut with anything circular in it.

For example:

Extrude circel to round bar
Sketch circle on edge (thread)
Construct helix
Cut-sweep with helix and sketch

Make drawing
Insert view
Insert section view, display only surface etc.

I see the thread to dimension and get: "the selected entity could not be
converted into line or circular arc"

I tried to make a silhouette edge in the part; Select the cut-sweep feature,
split line, silhouette etc.


I use SW2003 SP3.1

8/21/2003 11:25:36 AM
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"M. Heikens" <martijn@zut-engineering.com> wrote in
You can try in 'insert model dimensions' then if they are in the wrong view 
just shift-drag them into your section view.

Or show the original sketch involved in the sweep,  then dimension the 
sketch entity.


8/21/2003 2:06:10 PM
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