list of research compilers/compiler infrastructures?


I am interested in a list of source-available research compilers and
compiler infrastructures, a sort of annotated bibliography of tools.
I think that, since many tools are modular and can output various
intermediate representations, a list of many available tools and
components would enable people to string together a chain of passes to
solve a unique problem or compile for an unusual architecture.
Basically, I'm looking for something that will help me answer the
(parameterized) question:

   "I'm looking to implement optimization/analysis X on
    source programs in language Y, and I need a backend
    for architecture Z.  I'd prefer to hack an infrastructure
    written in either language D, E, or F, but I'm willing
    to write glue code to combine the outputs of two or
    more tools."

Is there a URL or FAQ that has this information somewhere?  If not,
please tell me about your favorite research compilers, so that I can
(perhaps) make such a website myself.


7/2/2003 4:39:57 AM
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 usenet@woggo.org (Will Benton) schreibt:

>I think that, since many tools are modular and can output various
>intermediate representations

Since every tool uses its own unique internal intermediate representation, I
seriously doubt that multiple tools will not only allow for various external
representations (syntax), but also will agree about the meaning of that
information (semantics).

But I'm willing to adjust my mind... ;-)

>please tell me about your favorite research compilers

Currently I'm looking into DotGNU, with treecc and the CLI (ECMA-335).

7/14/2003 3:50:19 AM

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