[Ann] New FileMaker Web Plug-in for FileMaker 4-8

FMWebschool releases new IPOST Web Plug-in for Windows.  Now you can
use one plug-in for FileMaker versions 4-8.  Online demo movies,
example files and user guide below.

Have you ever wanted to:

* Securely process credit cards with FileMaker
* Have FileMaker download updates for your solution you provide to
* Download stock quotes
* Connect to secure websites and download the content
* Download music files and play them in FileMaker
* Download QuickTime, AIV and WAV files and play them in FileMaker
* Query search engines
* Grab charts and images from the web
* Download text documents and have them automatically copied into
* Have FileMaker web support for http and https protocol
* Access Password protected sites
* Add information to online databases

If you answered yes to any of these, IPOST Web is your solution!

Download the demo, watch online movies

To learn more about IPOST Web, please navigate to:

We guarantee the best pricing!  Buy a developer license, and receive
IPOST CC credit card processing system for free through April 1st.

In Kindness
Stephen K Knight
800.353.7950 / 386.453.5843
FMWebschool, we bring the web to life

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3/24/2006 7:46:50 PM
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