database layouts won't print, now database won't open

using Mac OS 10.3.4, filemaker pro 7.  working with a database
converted from filemaker 3.  Everything seemed to be fine.  Created a
new table and imported data into that from another Filemaker 3
database (someone else created these).  Layouts were created very
easilly.  I go to print a layout (label) and choose ALL and it will
only print one
record, no matter what I put in the print dialogue box.  Open other
databases and they all printed fine in similar layouts.

Tried to "recover' it, thinking it was somehow corrupted (the woman
was having a hard time printing it.  I thought it was her inexperience
and that she was working in FileMaker 3)  NOW it asks for my password
for my account, but it won't accept my password (which I know is

why is it asking for a password? HELP!  how can I break back into my
database and what is going on????
8/6/2004 6:38:56 AM
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