ISERIES driver for AS400 return erroneous data for NULL Values

Using the ISeries Access Driver v9.00.04.00 when selecting a column
which contains null i get erroneous data.

If I keep refreshing the query the results returned with keep changing
for the null values.

Using tools like winsql or using an Access database and loading it
from the DSN there is no problem. i.e all the null values are
displayed correctly.

This is not a display problem.

Are there any settings which i need to configure the driver to resolve
this issue?

The program that i am using is Delphi based. Once the query is
executing and when i go through the results i see this problem. This
is not a BDE or delphi problem either as some non Delphi products do
the same.

Instead of getting back null i sometimes recieve 0s -16777216...

I have also tried using the IBM DB2 ODBC driver. This problem does not
exist on this driver. Using this driver is not an option.

At the moment my only option is to resolve this issue on the ISeries

This is an Urgent matter for me any help is appreciated.

Naeem Asghar
12/9/2003 1:24:37 PM
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I'd suggest loading the latest iSeries Access service pack & Database Group PTF
on the server.  If the problem doesn't go away, then you'll need to report it to
IBM Support.

Kent Milligan, DB2 & BI team
PartnerWorld for Developers, iSeries
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12/10/2003 4:36:53 PM