[Info-ingres] Ingres 2.0 upgrade to 2.6


I'm planning on making the above upgrade in the very near future and
wanted to ask for gotchas/suggestions, before starting.

I've got the 2.6 SP2 from CA and the Migration Guide, which indicates
an upgradedb is the preferred method for this task.

This will be running on Win2000. Aside from iidbdb and imadb, there's
only one other db, mk, with 2775 tables. There are 325 views, a couple
of procedures, and that's about it.

Any thoughts you can offer will be greatly appreciated! We've got
several MK users in our group who are talking of moving from Ingres to
SQL, but since our move to new hardware last summer, that kind of talk
around here has fallen by the wayside.


Mike Ossing
IT Mgr
Rodem, Inc.
513-922-6140 x147
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4/28/2005 6:49:22 PM
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