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Hi Paul,  

Thanks for the information!  I do have a question:  I checkpoint the
iidbdb daily with the -d flag, so the journal files don't exist for me
that far back (to cover all of 2004).  If I weren't using the -d flag,
how far back would Ingres track Journal/Checkpoint information?
Indefinitely?  I have a limited amount of space in my jnl file system,
so I doubt I could keep a year's work of jnl files for that database
even if I weren't using the -d flag.


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Anderson, Troy E. wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know if Ingres tracks the date that a user was created (in
> accessdb)?  Is that contained in a system catalog, for example?  I'd 
> like to figure out all new user accounts created in 2004...
> Thanks,
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Try this -

auditdb -a -table=iiuser iidbdb

iidbdb should be journalled so this should tell you what you need to


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