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Hi Paul,

I agree totally with you Ingres needs a promotion strategy (urgently).

For me the one of the main issue to try change this "perception" is to
promote the use of Ingres for ISVs. There are many of then adapting
their software to use open source technology (OS, Database, Development
tools, etc.), and this is a great opportunity to grow up the use of

Here I know around ten software vendors (medium size) which are doing
this move. And most of then are moving to use MySQL, PostgreSQL and
Firebird. Unhappily, Ingres is so unknown it is not being considered an

Ahhh, I suggest cheetah. The fastest animal.

Leandro Fava
DBA-SINF-UNISC http://www.unisc.br
Presidente IUG-BR http://www.iug-br.org
Fone: +55 51 3717 7636

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> It's kind of dissappointing that my comments about an animal logo and
> Phoenix in particular have killed this discussion. Whatever I 
> think about
> what was discussed, the branding of ingres is important.
> I do feel that a rebranding is required. Ingres as it has 
> been known is a
> somewhat damaged brand and I think it needs a sidestep somewhere to go
> forward and dissassociate itself from it's current perception 
> (rightly or
> wrongly) as a database product in decline. In this respect I 
> think a strong
> rebranding and promotion strategy is vital to it's future. I 
> really haven't
> even mentioned the technical side of ingres, because 
> paradoxically I think
> that will have less to do with it's success than a new image 
> and promotion.
> I'm not sure from what I've heard that there is a strong 
> direction yet,
> aside from being cast adrift from CA.
> Paul
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