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The procedure is being recompiled during image build even if the source
hasn't changed at all and I don't know why. 

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At 1:45 PM +0200 7/11/2006, Piotr.Wisniewski@breat.com.pl wrote:
>Does that mean that if I want to avoid recompilation during image build I
>must not run this procedure in Vision/ABF ?

If the source has been touched, both ii_encodings and the object
file need to be rebuilt.  If you change the source and run the procedure
under the ABF interpreter, you'll still need the object recompile.

The key thing is that it thinks that the source changed at some
point, it's not really directly related to running in ABF.  Once you
recompile the procedure during an image build, simply running it in
ABF again shouldn't cause a new recompile.


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>At 1:05 PM +0200 7/6/06, Piotr.Wisniewski@breat.com.pl wrote:
>>I'm running the imageapp command and I don't understand this fact:
>>Processing procedure 'g4g001m' . . .�������������������������������������
>>Recompiling because the object file is older than the database object
>>Compiling 'g4g001m.osq' . . .
>It's claiming that the .o file is older than the ii_encodings object
>code for that source file.  I'd have to dig out the manual to remember
>where it keeps the encodings timestamp, ii_abfobjects perhaps.

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