Access MS-ACCESS database on server from client????

I m currently developing a java based application and want to know how
can i make client access database located on the server?
6/26/2008 6:51:30 PM
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"HeMan_Speaks" <Lunar20092010@gmail.com> wrote in message 
>I m currently developing a java based application and want to know how
> can i make client access database located on the server?

I think you're going to have to expand a little bit more in your question 
here, as is not 100% quite clear what you're trying to do.

You might want to make a little bit of a distinction between MS access, the 
development system that allows you to write code, build forms, and build 
reports, and that of the database engine that you choose to use with MS 
access. When you build an application MS access, you then choose your 
database engine, that might be oracle, SQL server, or perhaps more often 
leave the default jet database.

So when you say make a client access application, are you talking about a 
piece of software that you plan to install and each computer? The fact that 
your introducing the issue of java further complicates your question.

Perhaps your question is simply you have some java code running on a server, 
and with to open a mdb file (an access database file). In this situation 
you're not really using MS access at all here (you using what is called the 
jet database engine to read that mdb file). For all the trouble in this type 
of scenario you're probably better off to use SQL server.

You can most certainly place a mdb file on a server, and have MS access to 
connect to that file. In this instance, the only way you can to connect the 
files is using the windows file networking system. This means then you 
cannot use an IP address, or so called socket connection to that file over 
the iinternet. (you must use the windows networking system). If you plan to 
connect over the Internet to the mdb file, then you would have to setup a 
vpn, and again be forced to use windows networking. however using a VP and 
in windows networking across the Internet is far too slow to get any 
reasonable amount performance in this instance.

I'm going to let you expand in clarify what you're trying to do here, as is 
not really quite 100% clear.

Perhaps your question is how to open up the database using java? By default 
the jet database engine ships with every copy of windows (xp, and vista), 
and has done so for many years now.
So you can most certainly use java to read and open a mdb file, and you 
don't need ms-access to do this at all. (you simply use ADO, or a DAO 
recordset in this case).

Albert D. Kallal    (Access MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

6/27/2008 2:20:30 AM
Hi HeMan,

If you want to open / read / write an .mdb file from java you need to
either use a type3 or type 4 driver to read the database file, or use
an ODBC connection. For handling that you are probably better posting
this question in a java forum.

If you want to make a java application 'MS Office aware', and control
or automate MS Access applications then there are software tools
available for this, but as far as I know they are not for free. Again,
a java forum is probably a better place for that type of problem.


The Frog
6/27/2008 7:20:03 AM