Using MSOUTL8.OLB, and problem with e-mail attachments attaching as winmail.dat

Hello all,

I have a question that I hope someone can help with. I have an Access 97 
App, and I allow the user 2 options for e-mailing: MSMapi and MS Outlook 
2000/XP. I have a user who is having trouble with the MS Outlook option. He 
wanted to use this so he could attach quotes as a .pdf instead, which I have 
built an automation for. The problem is, it is attaching the .pdf as 
winmail.dat. I have tried recompiling an .mde for him, and re-referencing 
the MSOUTL8.OLB file, but to no avail. I read one solution was to set your 
full MS Outlook composing to plain text, but this didn't work for him. In 
the even the library file was being overwritten by another app, I even made 
an install .exe that just installed and registered the .olb file. Still no 

What's strange is that this used to work fine for him...oh yes, and they are 
running Outlook 2000, and Win XP.


andy4168 (200)
5/23/2007 2:58:32 AM
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