A Comprehensive Guide Reporting, Analysis, Scorecarding, and Monitoring : Cognos BI | TM1 | Insight

In-memory analysis and interactive data visualization are all the rage in analytics and business intelligence (BI) these days, so it's no surprise that IBM Cognos is upping the ante with a low-cost desktop tool called IBM Cognos Insight. 

Understand basics of Data Warehousing using Architecture of Cognos and Cognos TM1
Learn about IBM Cognos 10.2 Business Intelligence and Cognos Connections
Learn how to manage frameworks and import data
Understand the difference between Cognos BI and Cognos TM1
Learn about IBM Cognos Framework Manager and Cognos Administration
Learn how to Create and Configure TM1 Services
Learn how to Create dimensions manually and using Turbo Integrator
Get an understanding of Continuous Time Dimension Model
Connect TM1 Server in excel and create and manage Active Forms
Understand the basics of Business Analytics
Identify the benefits of IBM Cognos Insight in abusiness
Import and filter data and discover associations using Explore Points
Perform imports from Files and Relational Data sources
Analyze data from different perspectives as well as calculate data
Identify and explore various chart types and options
Determine the optimal chart type for effective analysis
Add Content using Widgets
Organize and improve your workspace with tabs, action buttons and themes
Format measures to control data entry appearance and behavior
Annotate and Calculate data in cells
Publish a workspace and explore and print data
Understand the need of Stitch Query creation

Start learning Cognos BI | TM1 | Insight from basics to advance levels here...
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