Strange Network Error on Oracle Database Server

Hi Oracle Gurus, We are experiencing a strange Oracle database
server(Windows 2003) behaviour

When we try to start Oracle database from services -- It does not start
the database and in Oradim.log we see following error -- ORA-12560:
TNS:protocol adapter error
and in sqlnet.ora -- Fatal NI connect error 12560, connecting to:

However, If I try to manually start the database by login in as sys, it
gets started.

I have already tried following
(a) Recreate the service using Oradim.exe
(b) Removed sqlnet.ora file from C:\Oracle\Ora90\network\ADMIN

What can be the possible reason(s) for this. 


sharoma (2)
4/26/2006 5:21:53 AM
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If you can connect to the database instance, even if it is "idle", the
service must have started. Without the service having started, you
cannot connect via sqlplus.exe even on the server console (on win32).

Perhaps it is taking a relatively long time for the database instance
to be completely open - and the error message that you show above is a
timed out connection attempt?

Is the ORACLE_SID of interest "ORCL"?
When you re-created the OS Service, did you set the startmode to auto
or manual?
Is there an init.ora in the %ORACLE_HOME%\database folder that has an
IFILE entry to the real parameter file?
Is the service owned by a local service account or by LocalSystem?
Is the local service account a member of the local group "ORA_DBA"?


bdbafh (710)
4/26/2006 5:30:03 AM
Oracle service does get started, I can connect(sys as sysdba) to an
idle instance of Oracle using sqlplus.

Oracle instance does not get opened -- When the service is re-started,
typically it will take long to start(as it starts (a) service (b)
Instance). But currently it just zips past. Upon checking the
ORADIM.LOG we see error msg -- "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error"
and Oracle instance is not available.

Oracle service was re-created as AUTO and there is IFILE entry.

This Oracle instance was working fine for last so many months, with
same parameters, it started behaving like this since Friday night
(21-Apr-2006). I could not find anything unusual in the EventLog also.

We are running Oracle 9i Rel 1 on Windows 2003

sharoma (2)
4/26/2006 4:52:22 PM

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