ot: search terms for groups.google.com

If you enjoy reading old postings;  here's a reference on how to 
refine your questions in groups.google.com  search string box;


it mentions search terms such as 
   {note: these all return just the thread header, so open each 'hit' to see the
         matching message(s); may need to scroll up to correct msg in thread}
    after:yyyy/mm/dd   like 2011/2/3
    before:yyyy/mm/dd  like 2014/3/4
    author:"joe blow"     {or  author:me  works, while logged in to google}
                 { here @ or space requires surrounding " " marks.
        I can never get it to work anyway if @ is in author name, maybe
        is a utf-8 keyboard problem, as the .... is possibly not lower 7bit ascii}
    authorname:"frank winans" matches *frank winans* 
    exactauthorname:"joe bob" that must be their whole name
    is:firstpost   means is first message of the thread
    -is:firstpost  means is not first message of thread
    is:sticky      means moderator forced this to top of listing
    subject:shoes  matches *shoes*  in name of the discussion thread
    subject:"my shoes"   matches   *my shoes*   {need " " if  space or #  present}
                                        (warning,  by itself, subject:stuff  
                                          returns a 'hit' on just the whole thread, versus a
                                          particular message in that {possibly enormous} thread.
    groupname:"google calendar"   (looks in descriptive name of group)
    group:comp.databases.pick       (this, the defunct pick group)
    group:mvdbms                           (results from the new live pick group)

    so for example go to groups.google.com and type in this

presents a search box pre-narrowed-down to the new pick group, versus
ditto but for the old defunct nntp newsgroup here.

I am not able to reproduce it, but did manage once to browse to 
though as seen in search box 
         authormsg:comp.databases.pick,dv61j21f_mkJ  chain
but this form is not mentioned in the support.google.com page cited above.
4/30/2016 8:31:28 PM
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