Printer sharing over wireless using Printopia - can't find printer

We are trying to share a printer for use by iPad users. The printer is dire=
ctly connected to a Mac running Printopia. Both the Mac and all of the iPad=
s are connected to the same WLAN. It's working fine at one location, but no=
t at all at another location (iPads cannot see the printer). The location i=
t works at has standalone APs (mostly 1131AGs). The site it does not work a=
t has lightweight APs (4402 WLC running, also with 1131AGs). The =
controller has multicast enabled, has multicast mode set to 'multicast', an=
d has a multicast address set to (I've also tried Th=
e Mac and iPads all have normal connectivity. What might the problem be?
10/7/2013 7:01:02 PM
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