Serial Cables and setup ?

Hi, I need another serial cable for my lab (Its growing all the time
!). I have 3 routers now, 2503 and 2 1600 series. I only have 1 serial
cable at the moment, its DCE - DTE. Im only just starting my CCNA so I
dont know all that much. I realise that the DCE router is the one which
you set the clock speed on.

<1605-DCE>------<2503 Ser0 DTE><2503 Ser1 ?>-------<1601 ?>

Above is my plan, What cable do I need to go from Router 2503 ser0 to
Router 1601 ser0.

Also do you have to set the clock speed on all serial ports or only the
one that has DCE .


3/15/2006 8:45:50 PM
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