Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You [telecom]

Don't Call Me, I Won't Call You

March 18, 2011

NOBODY calls me anymore - and that's just fine. With the exception of 
immediate family members, who mostly phone to discuss medical 
symptoms and arrange child care, and the Roundabout Theater 
fund-raising team, which takes a diabolical delight in phoning me 
every few weeks at precisely the moment I am tucking in my children, 
people just don't call.

It's at the point where when the phone does ring - and it's not my 
mom, dad, husband or baby sitter - my first thought is: "What's 
happened? What's wrong?" My second thought is: "Isn't it weird to 
just call like that? Out of the blue? With no e-mailed warning?"

I don't think it's just me. Sure, teenagers gave up the phone call 
eons ago. But I'm a long way away from my teenage years, back when 
the key rite of passage was getting a phone in your bedroom or (cue 
Molly Ringwald gasp) a line of your own.

In the last five years, full-fledged adults have seemingly given up 
the telephone - land line, mobile, voice mail and all. According to 
Nielsen Media, even on cellphones, voice spending has been trending 
downward, with text spending expected to surpass it within three 



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