Re: Corrupted PC's Find New Home in the Dumpster #4

Steve Sobol wrote:

> Monty Solomon wrote:

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: And how long do they have those _new_
>> machines until they also get polluted and have to be replaced?

> The sad thing is that it's simply not that hard to protect yourself.

> We have two computers here that never get infected ... the other one
> can't be infected because it's not on the Net, but my wife's and mine
> both are.

One can't be infected because it's not on the internet.  Why is the
other one safe?

It seems that nobody bothers to infect classic macs.  Anyway, spyware
would be easy to eliminate on a classic mac.  

I do get email spam, but not on Choreboy, with which I have posted to
usenet without munging.  The spam, perhaps ten pieces a day, comes to
another email address.  It started after I filled out a form asking an
online vendor to tell me when an item was in stock.  I think somebody
there made money selling customer email addresses.

7/19/2005 8:23:28 AM
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