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Sat, 25 Sep 2010 23:23:21 -0400 Monty Solomon <monty@roscom.com> noted the article:

<<Smartphones encourage mobile user churn

Owners of high end handsets are the least loyal, bad news for AT&T


Published: 22 September, 2010

High end smartphones not only bring operators' networks crashing down
with their high rates of data consumption, but they breed fickle
consumers who will worsen churn levels, especially as users get more
hostile to two-year contract lock-ins. The downside of the smartphone
boom is highlighted in a survey by Nokia Siemens, which found that
users of high end handsets are the least likely to stay with their

Further on into the article it states:

<<Before smartphones, the main driver of customer loyalty was network
coverage and signal strength. Now the device is the main factor for
customers choosing a carrier, and applications and services play a
major role in keeping them loyal, both to the device and the

In my opinion anyone who switches their carrier simply for a device no
matter how "wow" the device is a little not too smart.  Many people
have stated many times that AT&T's network is inferior to Verizon's
but I know plenty of people who now have regular non jailbroken
iPhones who I assume are on the AT&T network and have abandoned their
previous network.  If you have a device that can't perform because the
network you are using is either over-saturated with traffic or has
spotty network coverage so you cannot make voice calls or use data
services you have a gee-whiz device that is essentially a paperweight
for all the use it is to you for the services you assumed you could
use.  In many phone forums which I have observed they always say that
the most important thing for mobile service (meaning voice and these
days data) is that you have good network coverage.

9/28/2010 5:45:44 PM
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This is the list of frequently-asked questions for The Telecom Digest, and it is sent to new subscribers automatically. It is also posted in the Digest whenever the contents change, and once per quarter even if the contents have not changed. Q. What is The Telecom Digest? A. The Telecom Digest is the oldest continuously published mailing list on the Internet. It was started before Usenet existed, but is now available via the Usenet group comp.dcom.telecom. Q. Who's in charge? A. The current Moderator is Bill Horne, and you may reach him by sending email to telecomdigestmoderator.atsign.telecom-digest.org. (The part that says ".atsign." will, of course, be replaced by the "@" symbol in all examples shown in this f.a.q.) Q. How do I subscribe? A. If you want to receive The Telecom Digest via email, send a "plain text" email message to majordomo.atsign.telecom-digest.org, with the command "subscribe telecom" in the BODY of the message. (The subject line will be ignored.) You may choose to receive posts in a daily digest, with all the posts for the day included in a single email, or you may choose to have each post sent to your email address as soon as it is approved: digest mode is the default, but if you prefer individual email, use the command "subscribe-set telecom each" instead. If you want to subscribe an address OTHER THAN the one you are ...

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In a message dated 7/3/2009 9:15:12 AM Central Daylight Time, sam@coldmail.com writes: > I think a first-rate hands free system, although of some > distraction, is far, far less hazardous than holding a phone to > one's Repeated studies have shown their is no difference in the distraction caused by cellphone to your ear or hands-free. It's apparently the conversation, not the holding of the phone to your ear. Wes Leatherock wesrock@aol.com wleathus@yahoo.com Wesrock@aol.com wrote: > In a message dated 7/3/2009 9:15:12 AM Central Daylight Time...

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In a message dated 5/9/2009 8:54:13 AM Central Daylight Time, jt@jt-mj.net writes: > IIRC ESS1 (Morris Ill.) had minimal batteries, and a system that was > supposed to start the diesels within 1/3 sec after a primary power > failure. Several seconds--maybe a minute or more--are required for sirens or horns to notify persons near a generator that it is getting ready to autostart. No way it could start in 1/3 sec. Wes Leatherock wesrock@aol.com wleathus@yahoo.com In article <c74.4ecffdbb.373779df@aol.com>, Wesrock@aol.com says... > > In a message...

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