help needed with adsl router & connections

I've been struggling with router quite a bit. I suspect that I'm doin
something wrong with the configuration. I'm sharing a single DSL lin
for my entire home network, using DLink DSL500T DSL Modem/1-por
Router. The sharing is done via DLink DI524  router with Wifi AP 
4-port 100/10 Ethernet. Both DSL500T & DI524 is capable of connectin
to ISP via PPPoE, though the DI524 lacks the phonejack so cannot b
wired directly and must be routed through the modem. I'm configurin
DSL500T to provide Internet gateway, enabling it as bridge. While th
WiFi router is used exclusively to provide WiFi Access Point an
100BaseTX connection to one or two PCs. The followings shows connectio

DI524 -----DI524-LanPort---- PCs
|-------- WiFi ------- Notebooks

I have set my PC to obtain IP automatically ,  the dns set of my IS
and gateway set with the private IP of my DI524 dlink router .  An
same goes with my Laptops wirless conection settings . But problem i
that my PC is able to access and connect to the net but my laptop i
not able to connect to the net although laptop is able to establis
proper connection with the DI524 wirless router .  The DSL500T i
configured as bridge and the DI524 is configured with the Global/Publi
Static IP given by my ISP and the PC connects to the DI524 connects b
obtaining private lan IP assigned by the DI524s DHCP server and sam
was the laptop gets its private IP through wirless connection .

I will be really greatful if some one can help me solve my problem .


9/17/2005 5:20:23 PM
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