Update: TED Notepad 6.1.1

"TED Notepad is a free light-weight notepad alternative.

It offers 352 text-processing functions, innovative features and timesaving tools. All of them on hotkeys; all designed for quick and advanced editing. It is portable and loads instantly with no installation required.

Get ready for a swiss-army-knife notepad alternative for free: small and simple, yet full of ready features, combinations, enhancements and tools. You'll never learn them all. Don't type, ted-it!"

Homepage: http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/
Download: http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/download.php
ChangeLog: http://jsimlo.sk/notepad/changes.php

    + Added: Support for IME composing window.
    + Added: Added support for DPI-aware scaling.
    + Added: Push Line Up and Push Line Down for moving lines around.
    + Added: Drag&Drop editing; moving text by mouse is available via both buttons.
    + Added: Setting: Auto-save Untitled documents (into the Temp path).
    + Added: Setting: Store auto-save files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
    + Added: Setting: Store backup files in the Temp path instead of current directory.
    + Added: Setting: Temp path for storing autosave and backup files to, with relative paths support.
    + Added: Setting: Create backup files with hidden attribute.
    + Added: Setting: Create multiple backup files and rotate them.
    + Added: Setting: Warn on loading binary files.
    + Added: Setting: Ignore case in quick Sort tools.
    + Added: Check for Updates and Automatic Check for updates.
    + Added: If there is a new version available, hint is displayed in the StatusBar.
    + Added: Command line parameter: /u Check for Updates.
    + Added: Command line parameter: /l Goto Line accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
    + Added: Command line parameter: /c Goto Offset accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
    + Added: Command line parameter: /s Set Selection accepts negative numbers and works from the end.
    + Added: Command line parameters: /l Goto Line and /c Goto Offset can be used together.
    - Fixed: Italics fonts are no longer clipped.
    - Fixed: Selection background does not clip nearby characters anymore.
    - Fixed: Each tab character now enforces at least some minimum visual extent.
    - Fixed: Selected end-of-line extent and visible end-of-line extent were unified.
    - Fixed: When switching to another instance of the same document, no unexpected questions are asked.
    - Fixed: Message about another instance takes precedence over message about lost auto-save found.
    - Fixed: Document is not auto-saved if there are no modifications since last auto-save.
    - Fixed: The user is now warned that it is necessary to save recovered document.
    - Fixed: Auto-save file was not always removed after successful recovery.
    - Fixed: Canceling Revert operation no longer removes current auto-save.
    - Fixed: Chosen encoding or code page is no longer reset during Revert.
    - Fixed: Overwrite flag is no longer reset during Revert or Re-open.
    - Fixed: Creating a new file during loading adds such new file to Recent files.
    - Fixed: Relative paths are supported for Template file and are not updated during loading.
    - Fixed: Changing current encoding also changes BOM flag to reasonable default.
    - Fixed: Default newlines are used upon no newlines in the loaded file.
    - Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the loaded file when No mixed newlines are in force.
    - Fixed: Default newlines are used upon mixed newlines in the document if No mixed newlines are turned on.
    - Fixed: Lists of available codepages split into categories for easier navigation.
    - Fixed: Shift+BackSpace deletes previous character just like a simple BackSpace.
    - Fixed: Insert Recently Inserted text was needlessly unavailable sometimes.
    - Fixed: Sorted Complete Word dialog was inserting incorrect suggestions.
    - Fixed: Right-click menu could appear on a wrong position upon several displays.
    - Fixed: Scrolling by mouse via selecting text outside of edit window has been slowed down.
    - Fixed: Message is displayed after successful replace and no further occurrences.
    - Fixed: Replace tool used empty string upon undefined back-references, instead of skipping such occurrences.
    - Fixed: Propper icon recovery while re-starting crashed Windows Explorer.
    - Fixed: Keyboard focus was not relinquished properly upon Hide to Tray.
    - Fixed: Saving widnows position and/or size and restoring them was reviewed.
    - Fixed: Config INI file is only updated upon actual changes in the config data.
    - Fixed: Some funky edge cases were fixed in various tools and features.
    * Esc key cancels any ongoing mouse operation.
    * Right-click can also be used to select text before the Right-click menu appears.
    * Paste from clipboard thru Ctrl+Right-click occurs only upon releasing the button.
    * Selected lines are slightly accentuated by double-drawing the text.
    * ODO meter and Trip meter were added to the Utility info dialog for amusement.
    * Overwrite mode menu item added to Options menu for convenience.
    * Date/time glue setting moved from the Tools page to the General page.
    * Warning is show in the Status Bar upon saving Unicode file with no BOM.
    * Document title is always displayed in the taskbar and caption, even if also showing the full file path.
    * Stay on Top is saved along with other common options in the Basic Options category.
    * Newlines are now decoded in Could not find messages; with a new setting to disable this.
    * Progress percentage during re-wrap has been rewritten to give a more linear user experience.
    * The .reloc section was removed from executables in a hope all future Windows will accomodate.
    * Executable code was moved back to the .text section where it belongs.
    * Read-only data was moved back to the .rdata section where it belongs.
    * Text storage engine improved to support files with truckload of lines.
    * Text storage engine memory usage and general behaviour optimized.
    * Edit box behaviour and other code optimized.
    * Utf-8 recognition algorithm fortified.
    Changes against version 6.0.2. 
12/4/2016 1:33:13 PM
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