Behold, the font for my band will look like this...

....if only I could find a font that looked like this... Here is only a
capital T. Note the exponential curves on the right and left of the
top of the glyph. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? [Ignore
letter fill. Letter shape is the only thing that's important. Heck,
ignore letter shape, too. Just go with general impression and see if
any font you've ever seen fits the bill...]


For some ideas about what the full logo should look like, with a bunch
of fonts that are close but no cigar, see


(You'll probably need to reassemble the above URL in a text editor to
get it to work, since posts like this tend to be column-limited and
long URLs are liable to be broken into pieces.)

Thanks to any who can suggest a font that bears resemblence to my
drawing in the first URL.

All the best,
Robert K S
11/13/2003 6:03:47 PM
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