DTL Argo, anyone?

I'm looking for the DTL (Dutch Type Library) ArgoT font. It might be 
named Argo (without the T) too. Specifically: DTLArgoT-Bold, 
DTLArgoT-Regular and DTLArgoT-Black.

The document also uses a font called Agrofont, which I suspect is very 
similair (looking at the PDF in OSX Preview). Specifically: Agrofont-Vet 
and Agrofont-VetCursief. I can probably do with just the DTL Argo font.

Or maybe someone call tell me how I can import a PDF in Illustrator so 
that I see the outlines of the fonts? I don't need to edit the text 
anyway, I just need the vector data... I've tried tens of conversions 
but I didn't manage. It seems so straightforward since a subset of the 
fonts are embedded so it views correctly in Acrobat and Preview.

Many, many thanks! :)

  - J.
1/5/2005 11:18:12 PM
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