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The following items are for sale.  Any and all offers considered.  I am in
Cleveland on the west side near

Gravis Mac Moustick II joystick for Mac ADB

Texas Instruments TI-994A with speech synth., cartidges,
     games, manuals, exc. cond

Macintosh Classic-actually was never even used.  Have mouse and keyboard.

Brand new 12"x12" Calcomp Drawingboard II digitizer for non-power
     Mac(no pen)...........Paid $250.00 still in box

Other tablets-Calcomps Beta test units.

Umax Vista S6E Scanner w/ SCSI card

5-1/4" internal floppy drive(I don't know if it works)free-you pick up

Irwin 250MB tape drive- connects in between floppy drive(s)

Iomega Bernoulli 90 mb insider for PC with card, software, manuals

Iomega Bernoulli 150 mb external SCSI drive, exc cond

Iomega Bernoulli 230 mb external SCSI drive, exc cond

Iomega Jaz drive 2GB never used, (4) 2GB disks

Iomega external Zip drive parallel

Apple Personal LaserWriter NTR printer.  I think it just needs a new
cartridge.  Worked fine until i ran
     too many envelopes thru it and gummed it up.

Houston Instruments DMP 161 D-size pen plotter.  Cables, pens, manual,
stand.  Worked last time I used it.

Mini-tower computer:
     200 watt, (3) 5.25 bays, (3) 3.5 bays
     Spacewalker HOT-541 PCI motherboard, 256K Pipelinecache, Intel Triton
     Cyrix 6X86 150 MHz
     96 MB RAM
     1.2 GB HDD
     Teac 3.5 floppy
     Teac 5.25 floppy
     Mitsumi 4X CD-ROM
     ATI mach64 PCI video card
     Logitech mouse

Labtec computer speakers

A/B switch box, serial

(2) Control Systems Artist XJ10 video boards with manuals
     and software

Mac IIci w/20 mg ram, 1.3 gb hd, 200mb hd, 2x CD-ROM(ext), 14.4 fax/modem,
     2nd floppy drive(external), 14" color monitor, built-in video for
     256 colors, cache card, all software and manuals, keybd, mouse, etc
     will seperate modem, digitizer, floppy drive, CD-ROM

2400 baud internal pc modem

Diamond Supra 56i SP internal 56k modem

IDE controller card

Misc software:

     Red Hat Linux 6.2
     Specular Infini-D 3.5 for Mac
     Adobe Premiere 4.2 for Mac
     Carmageddon for Win 95/98
     Janes Longbow 2 for PC
     Ultimate Flight 3-CD ROM games- Commanche 2, U.S. Navy Fighters,
     Flight Unlimited -all MS-DOS except Commanche-MS-DOS and Win 95
     History of the World
     U.S. History
     Countries of the World
     World Fact Book
     C.I.A. World Tour
     Harpoon classic Windows/Mac
     Street Atlas USA 2.0 for Mac
     Kings Quest V for PC on floppy
     PT 109 by Spectrum Holobyte for MAC on floppy
     Softkey Key Cad Complete for MAC
     Microsoft Flight Simulator for MAC-early version
     F/A-18 Hornet Classic 1.1.2 for MAC
     Falcon MC for MAC

Any and all offers considered

12/30/2004 2:12:56 AM
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