Company of Heroes 1.0 and Tales of Valor 2.602 conflicting graphics settings, sharing same user folder/profile.


Currently I have:

Company of Heroes Tales of Valor 2.602 installed and I play this on Tunngle 

Company of Heroes 1.0 installed and I play this with game ranger.

But games are very cool:

Tales of Valor has additional panzer elite and britisch.

Company of Heroes 1.0 is more brute and expensive and has many 
calliopes/tanks with rockets and more pershings.

I like playing both games.

However both games seem to use/load/save the graphics settings in the user 
profile directory/folder.

This kinda sucks... company of heroes 1.0 seems to overwrite the graphics 
settings for tales of valor.

Which makes tales of valor default back or resets it because it doesn't 
understand the setting.

This can cost precious time if having to reset... just missed a game because 
of it :)

For now I have made a backup of the graphics settings in a "correct 
settings" folder.

I could then copy this back and forth.. or maybe even create a batch file.

This is one of those reason why I believe games should just store settings 
in their own folders and not user settings.

I can hardly imagine anybody playing with multiple user accounts and then 
for some reason require different settings ?!

Maybe there is a way to tell tales of valor to use a different user folder 
?! Hmm...

Not yet sure how... maybe some registry key somewhere ? or maybe an ini file 


4/15/2016 4:44:54 PM
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