GLU bug!

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Is there a bug in GLU Version 1.3.500? I do such things

  obj = gluNewQuadric();
  gluQuadricDrawStyle(obj, GLU_FILL);
  gluDisk(obj, 10, 10, 25, 1);

....but nothing happens. There is nothing to see! When i use
gluQuadricDrawStyle(obj, GLU_LINE) all worked how we expect

I am using Debian-Linux.

Reply Heiko 7/20/2003 10:34:03 PM

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Heiko Jappe <> writes:
> Is there a bug in GLU Version 1.3.500? I do such things
> like....
>   obj = gluNewQuadric();
>   gluQuadricDrawStyle(obj, GLU_FILL);
>   gluDisk(obj, 10, 10, 25, 1);
>   gluDeleteQuadric(obj);
> ...but nothing happens. There is nothing to see! When i use
> gluQuadricDrawStyle(obj, GLU_LINE) all worked how we expect
> it.

Try switching off backface culling.  If that makes the disk appear, it's
simply facing the wrong way.
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Reply Jens 7/21/2003 10:40:52 AM 7063 articles. 24 followers. Post

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