Radeon 8500 graphics corruption problem


I am using Radeon 8500 card. I am getting corrupt image of the previous
screen while running pengl application. How to fix it? Anybody any idea?


12/12/2003 4:34:53 AM
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"gary" <s.kulkarni@mailcity.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am using Radeon 8500 card. I am getting corrupt image of the previous
> screen while running pengl application. How to fix it? Anybody any idea?
> -Gary

Try newer drivers.. (3.9).. If it not help's try to adjust some opengl
settings in driver.
If it still don't work, try to find a patch for this application for ATI


12/16/2003 1:04:39 PM
On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:04:39 +0100 wrote "yooyo"
<nospam.yooyo@sbb.co.yu.nospam> in comp.graphics.api.opengl with

>Try newer drivers.. (3.9).. If it not help's try to adjust some opengl

Where would this be? Are you talking about ATI drvier 3.9? On their website
they have still 3.8, or am I missing something here?

Gerhard Gruber
Maintainer of
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12/16/2003 10:45:17 PM
> >Try newer drivers.. (3.9).. If it not help's try to adjust some opengl
> Where would this be? Are you talking about ATI drvier 3.9? On their website
> they have still 3.8, or am I missing something here?

3.9 is on the ATI site... Check it...

12/17/2003 11:29:07 AM
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