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Hi folks -  I am looking for an EASY TO USE design software.  Basically,
what I am looking to achieve is to open a simple, lightweight application
that shows me something similar to a piece of graph paper.  I then drag n'
drop lines on to it just as I would a REAL piece of graph paper.

Picture this;  lets say I am building (I do this as a hobby) an Oak TV
stand.  I want to draw a front view.  The measurements are 36" wide and 30"
tall.  I want to click and drag that view on a 2d piece of graph paper as I
would real graph paper.  AND if I make a mistake, I want to easily be able
to erase that line.  (Eraser icons are nice) As I drag and drop I would like
to see a visual indication of the length.

I don't want a typical CAD software where I have a ton of options I don't
know how to, and never will have interest in using.  I want a simple piece
of graph paper where I drag and drop lines.  Actually, the closest thing so
far is Paintbrush.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

11/7/2003 11:53:11 PM
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