Graphics card choices

I'm an occasional user of 3DSMax.  I'll use it to sell a carpentry job
now and then.  Not a whole kitchen or anything
that involved, just things like a garden bridge or a wine cabinet.
Still, I'd like to improve performance in a new
system I'm building.  There are a couple of 1st person shooter games I
enjoy playing like Unreal Tournament
and Quake, but I'd be willing to sacrifice performance in that area to
improve it with Max and Photoshop.  The
two cards I'm considering when push comes to shove are the NVidia
GForce 7950 GT (512 MB of ram) vs.
an NVidia Quadro FX560 (128 MB of ram.)  Which card would push the
pixels around faster and give better
performance overall in MAX?

6/26/2007 1:38:12 AM
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