Printer won't print, messages won't delete in WindowsXP Pro

I'm running Windows XP Pro with a Lexmark Z22 printer.  Often when I try to
print, the printing notification widow pops up.  As usual, I hear "Printing
started," but nothing happens while the seconds are ticking away on the
clock.  If I try to cancel the job, then check the printing queue, the job
is still there, marked "Deleting."  The only way to get it to print is to
restart, then it works (until the next time).  The only way to delete the
unsuccessful print job is to go into task manager under Processes and try to
guess which process to delete.  This works, when I get the right one.

When this problem occurs, I've tried turning off the print spooler, then
turning it back on, and also deleting the files in the PRINTERS folder.
Nothing works, and I always end up having to restart the computer.  I have
not been able to find a pattern as to when this problem occurs.  Any help
will be appreciated.  Here is my info:

Operating System     : Windows XP Professional (5.01.2600 Service Pack 1)
CPU                        :  Celeron 600 MHz
Bus Speed               :  66 MHz
Motherboard           :  TriGem TriGem System Board
System                    :  TriGem Emachines
BIOS                      :  Phoenix Version 1.01
Memory                  :  192 MB (60ns)
Sound                     : Crystal SoundFusion(tm) CS4281
Video                      : Intel(r) 82810 Graphics Controller
Printer                     :Lexmark Z22
5/4/2004 3:21:44 AM
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