Bevelbutton Menu Check Marks

I have been playing with Bevelbuttons and quickly ran into the
annoying check mark placed next to the most recent menu item select
the next time that menu is shown.

No idea why this has been implemented - but I have found a solution
(not the solution, but a solution - if there's a better solution
please post it.

Bascially I kill and rebuild the menu of the bevelbutton every time
the button is clicked.

Instead of building the menu in the bevelbutton.open I kill it and
build it time and time again in bevelbutton.mousedown:

  me.MenuValue = -1
  me.addrow "One"
  me.addrow "Two"
  me.addrow "Three"

Hope someone finds this useful!


David Turnedge
1/8/2005 2:59:15 AM
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In article <cb2a7710.0501071859.6053fafd@posting.google.com>,
 turnedge@screentime.com.au (David Turnedge) wrote:

> I have been playing with Bevelbuttons and quickly ran into the
> annoying check mark placed next to the most recent menu item select
> the next time that menu is shown.

That's how BevelButton menus are supposed to work -- if you find it 
annoying, then you're probably misusing them.

- Joe

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1/8/2005 7:28:28 PM

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