Debugger problems


I keep getting some strange behavior in the RB Debugger. I am Using
RB5.5.4Pro on Mac OS 10.3.6.

When I run the debugger on a app I'm developing, I will often get arrays
filling with unexpected values or no values at all, however if I build the
app and run it, it works as expected.

Is this a common problem with the RB5.5.4 debugger or is my Mac or copy of
RB a bit sick?


1/6/2005 11:18:06 AM
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OK, I have discovered that Chr(255) cannot be used to return NthField or
CountField. I don't know if it is the system or RB that has the problem, but
it just doesn't like this ascii character.


1/10/2005 9:31:54 AM

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