Just Can't Figure why I Don't Have Mac Customers

Just can't figure it out. I followed Real Software's play book all the way.
First develope software for the Macintosh and sell exclusively for the Mac
platform. Don't actually bother fixing a large number bugs in the program
at once - instead spread bug fixing out over aperiod of time so many
people requiring such fixes will have to upgrade multiple times.

Then constantly add features; they need not work or not, just so people
are suckered into buying - you can alwasy generate further revenue by
offering fixes to the new features in future releases.

Use funds derived from your Macintosh users to develope software for
Windows and Linux instead of improving the product for your actual
customers. then after finding that your interface does not work well with
the Windows platform (MDI) remove the Macintosh interface entirely and
replace it with one modeled on VisualBasic one large dumb window

Oh yes, hire an openinly anti-Macintosh engineer to work on the program
despite of obvious conflict of interest.

I've even developed the required conscending attitude towards customers RS
has. How dare these customers asking me about features I removed from the
product. how dare these customers tell me how their work flow has been
decreased. After all, as part of management, all that really matters is my
own pocket book - who gives  fuck about the Mac cusotmers anyway - I've got
all those Windows users to think about.

Sure hope them Windows users don't have a conscience and don't find out
about how I shafted my Mac customers as a lot of them are feeling shafted
by MS's VB actions and I don't want them to find out that they've stepped
into the den of another lion.

Can't figure why my sales are bad as I followed RS's guidelines really

5/25/2006 8:16:01 PM
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rsshoulddie <fuckoff@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Just can't figure it out.

Do you really think someone reads the post?
I normally stop after the first few sentences as I see it's you.
(no need to read the name which he changes, the style is clear)


Around eleven thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. 
The Monkeybread Software Realbasic Plugin v6.1.
5/25/2006 9:24:36 PM

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