RB2006 - Still can't export text as a plain text file

In contrast to RS's usual sales campaign in which they only tell you about
supposed new features, is the fact that many features have been removed RB
with the introduction of RB2005, and continue to be removed. One of these
features is the ability ot export a project as a plain text file. Yep, all
you had to do was select "File: Export Source" to save a plain text file
which you could then pop into any generic plain text editor and print what
you want. Now they force you do do much more work by only allowing xml

This demonstates that a feature which you buy RB now for may not be there
tomorrow, even long term features. But then why should RS care about you
at this point, and the fact that such an feature is important to you, as
they have already scammed you out of your money.

4/14/2006 5:14:29 AM
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