Rechteck aufziehen

Ich stelle in einem Canvas diverse Objekte dar.
Der User soll nun einen Rahmen aufziehen k�nnen, um mehrere Objekte
Wie stelle ich das mit dem Rahmen am geschicktesten an?

(RealStudio 2012) 
5/17/2013 9:12:42 AM
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"Jonathan Hoyle" <jonhoyle@mac.com> wrote: >See: http://www.realsoftware.com/users/visualbasic/ >In particular, the passage under "Port your code" reads: >"The REALbasic language is very similar to Visual Basic, so porting >your applications will likely be a straightforward process. REAL >Software provides a Visual Basic Project Converter that will assist you >in the process. Most developers find that their projects port in hours >or days, rather than the weeks or months required in other >environments." Well, that...

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