Here comes first philanthropic software license system

Dear all colleagues ,

I like to introduce and invite for develop new software license system.
Please take time from your busy schedule and give feedback.

Project Website: https://copygift.github.io 
Github Account:  https://github.com/copygift 

Project Pitch:

"gifting is good"
philanthropic licensing system

"We have always developed apps and software's for those who have computers and mobiles 
but now time should come where need to be build system for those who haven't"

Problem: The first world and second world using,wasting and possessing most of the artificial and natural resources on earth
and because of their materialistic greed ,third world are suffering and living in hell.

Solution:"Copygift" licensed downloadable data will make chargeable on basis of data size to the users
and they should pay fixed charges by through redirecting to defined foundations and NGOs donation page after triggered 
individual download limit.

The Market: The whole world where internet is available.

Business traction:The company and community who developed,deployed and operate this licensing system will get 
fixed amount per user transaction for recovering all development and operating cost.

Best Regards,
Santosh T.Waghmode
9/8/2015 2:05:14 PM
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