Giving away books -- any of interest??

Here I go again! I've finally decided that I am REALLY retired at last. 
After 45 years of programming and consulting, there will be no more. What is 
left of the library of reference books must go. Here's the deal - I will 
give them away free; you just speak up for them and pay the postage. US 
addresses only, please.

Last time I did this I requested $5 for a book and I send it and return any 
excess from the $5. I think this may still work. For more than one book I 
will try to batch or box them and we'll see what that would cost. Anyway, 
any book not spoken for (and shipping paid for) by August 11 (the week I get 
back from the shore) will be donated to the library. They usually sell them 
for $0.25 or put them in the collection. I've never figured out how they 
decide which. I am intentionally cross posting to pertinent groups and will 
repost with whatever is left on July 23. Have at it guys and gals!!

VB 5.0 Win32 API by on Appleman (ZD Press)

Ready to Run VB Code Library by Rod Stephens (Wiley)

VB 6.0 Internet Programming by Carl Franklin (Wiley)

Internationalization with VB by Michael Kaplan (Sams)

SQL for Smarties by Joe Celko (Morgan Kaufmann)

Transact-SQL by William Amo (IDG)

Guide to SQL by Philip Pratt (Thompson)

Guide to SQL featuring Oracle by Philip Pratt (Thompson)

Instant ASP Scripts by Greg Buczek (McGraw Hill)

Mastering Active Server Pages by A. Russell Jones (Sybex)

Active Server Pages 3 by Eddy/St. Laurent/Kellmeyer (IDG)

Instant Java by John A. Pew (Sun)

Complete Java 2 Certification 2/e by Roberts/Heller/Ernest (Sybex)

Core Java 2 Vol 1 - Fundamentals by Horstmann/Cornell (Sun)

Core Java 2 Vol 2 - Advanced Features by Horstmann/Cornell (Sun)

Java 1.2 Mastering the JFC by David M. Geary (Sun)

Graphic Java 2 Mastering the JFC 3/e by David Geary (Sun)

Core Web Programming 2/e by Hall/Brown (Sun)

Instant JavaServer Pages by Paul Tremblett (Osbourne)

Java Developers Guide to Servlets and JSP by Bill Brogden (Sybex)

Professional Java XML Programming with Servelets and JSP by 
Naklimovsky/Myers (WROX)

Processing XML with Java by Elliotte Rusty Harold (Addison Wesley)

Core Servlets and Java Server Pages by Marty Hall (Sun)

Alice in Action by Joel Adams (Thomson)

MFC Programming From the Ground Up 2/e by Herbert Schildt (Osbourne)

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Reference - Vol 1 - MFC Library Ref Part 1

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Reference - Vol 2 - MFC Library Ref Part 2

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Reference - Vol 3 - Run Time Library Ref

Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Reference - Vol 4 - Language Ref

Teach Yourself Micromedia Flash 5 in 24 Hours by Phillip Kerman (Sams)

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