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currently, the vector constructor from two iterators is required for
at least forward iterators to first determine the size of the range
and then preallocate the vector to avoid reallocations during insertion.
For non-random-access iterators, this causes two traversals over the
range, which, if the iterators are "hard-working", for example filter
iterator adaptors over a large range, may up to double the running
time of the construction.

I would like to propose changing this to requiring only a single pass
over the range and dropping the requirement for preallocation for
non-random-access ranges. My thinking is that with the current wave of
data-generating, transforming and filtering ranges, traversing a range
may be arbitrarily expensive, while reallocating a vector must be cheap,
because moves should be cheap and otherwise the vector is the wrong
data structure to use to begin with.

This was certainly different at the time when the current vector
constructor requirements were written, but time has moved on.



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