Canon Cat printer driver for HP printer

Hi All
 I've been working on my Canon Cat to get it so I can
print to a HP printer. I've gotten the basics to work.
For anyone interested, you can find some notes I have
on the tForth in the Cat and my HP driver.
 The notes and things are on:


 The current listing has a couple of typos that I hope to get
fixed but they are not hard to find.
 One is in the definition of HPdocbreak. It has #S intead of
#s ( this tForth is case sensitive ).
 The other is in the final definition that connects the HP driver.
The definition is:
: HP ['] HPsetup exa setup' ;
And should have been:
: HP ['] HPsetup exa setup' ! ;

 I'm also interested in talking to anyone else interested in
looking at what is inside of the Cat.

dkelvey (274)
4/8/2007 5:44:13 AM
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