Intel Fortran

it seems you have to rethink your tone:
you started out by stating some quite "uninformed" questions, the
experts in this group tried to help you quite a lot, but now you
whine that you are unable to understand the hints.
Lets put it that way:
It seems you are unable to use the proper software products and read
appropriate manuals. You have started to do some work, which you are
able to perform. Now you shout at the makers of the software tools,
which you are not able to use properly and at the persons, who try to
support you.
This behaviour is in clear contrast to your nickname.

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I am the first to admit that some of my questions are uninformed.
Were you ever a beginner?  I am not a beginner, but I am new at making
VMS Fortran compile on a modern compiler, that's true. And it is
frustrating. You ever been frustrated?

Your post is not particularly professional. It's not a matter of the
lack of ability on my part. If you want to think that way, that's OK
with me. What manuals to you suggest that I read?

The professional thing would be to suggtest something specific.

You are quite rigt. Without the proper documentation I cannot properly
use this compiler product. I don't associate lack of information with
lack of ability.

BTW, thank you for compiling and running my program. I appreciate the
time you took doing that.

And BTW, I do not appreciate sarcasm in a professional setting. There
is nothing about /VMS that is hard for me to understand. I'm
apparently having trouble conveying the idea that I'm having trouble
knowing exactly where in the Visual Studio 2008 software  that this
option switch belongs. The professional thing for you to have done
would be to give a hint as to where /VMS goes.

I have no idea where you get the notion that I do not want to use the
suggestions that have been given to me here. I have posted elsewhere
that I will try those suggestions. Asking followup questions does not
mean that I don't want to try things. It means that I appreciate the
suggestion enough to better understand it.

It has also been posted elsewhere by a representateive from Intell no
less, that there is nothing in my dusty old code that should be
anything too tough for Intel Fortran to handle. So with this in mind,
there is no need for me to get an old DEC VAX computer to run this

Your post is not exactly what I would call a stellar example of
professionalism because it does not offer a solution to a problem; at
least a solution that is practical. So unless you can offer some
actual professional advice, keep your comments to yourself, at least
with regard to any of my posts. They don't hold any water with me, so
waste your time if you want. I personally don't care either way.

So I am going over to the Intel Forum now to see what I can find out
over there.


6/10/2010 4:34:18 PM
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rfengineer55 wrote:

> ... You ever been frustrated?

Yeah, and one of the hardest things to do is to simply slow down and 
"chill, dood (or doodette)" and thereby not transfer that frustration to 
somebody else.  That isn't conducive to getting the most encouraging 
feedback (as you're seeing).

Also, one often finds that "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get" is a 
wise thing to remember.  What seems like one could just jump in and go 
could become more productive if took a more deliberate pace and approach...


> ... I'm having trouble
> knowing exactly where in the Visual Studio 2008 software  that this
> option switch belongs. The professional thing for you to have done
> would be to give a hint as to where /VMS goes.

I've never seen newer VS nor the Intel compiler with it but have used 
the old DEC/Compaq version w/ earlier VS.  I don't know if Intel thought 
to put a specific checkbox for /VMS in the menus or not; if not, I'm 
sure there's a place you can put any user-specific switches manually.

Again, in concert w/ Steve L's earlier comments and others' comments on 
the code itself, it seems as though the switch itself may not be the 
principal problem, anyway...

6/10/2010 4:49:30 PM