[ANN] HaMLet 1.3 and HaMLet-S 1.3/S4 released

I am pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of HaMLet, as well 
as version 1.3/S4 of HaMLet-S.


HaMLet is a faithful implementation of the Standard ML programming 
language (SML'97) that aims to be

   - an accurate reference implementation of the language specification,
   - a platform for experimentation with the language semantics,
   - a useful tool for educational purposes.

The HaMLet sources are intended to be as direct a translation of the 
language formalisation as possible. Even program evaluation is performed 
by a direct implementation of the rules of the dynamic semantics. The 
source code follows the structure of the SML Definition and is heavily 

HaMLet can perform different phases of execution - like parsing, type 
checking, and evaluation - selectively. In particular, it is possible to 
execute programs in an untyped manner, thus exploring the universe where 
even ML programs "can go wrong".

Version 1.3 now comes with build support for most major SML systems:

   - SML of New Jersey (110 or higher)
   - MLton (20010706 or higher)
   - Moscow ML (2.0 or higher)
   - Poly/ML (5.0 or higher)
   - Alice ML (1.4 or higher)
   - ML Kit (4.3.0 or higher)

For download and more information, please visit the HaMLet homepage:



Furthermore, I am pleased to announce a new release of HaMLet-S.

HaMLet-S is a spin-off devoted to Successor ML (www.successor-ml.org). 
It incorporates a number of preliminary proposals and is a testbed and 
sort of a personal vision of where SML could go. Version 1.3/S4 features 
the following:

   - Extensible records.
   - More expressive patter matching.
   - Views (a la Wadler and Okasaki).
   - Higher-order modules and nested signatures.
   - Local and first-class modules.
   - Miscellaneous fixes to known issues with SML.

All extensions are formalised by description of respective changes to 
the SML Definition.

A brief description of all extensions and a few examples can be found here:


For download and more information, please see the HaMLet homepage at:


- Andreas Rossberg
rossberg (600)
3/23/2007 1:37:16 PM
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