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I am just wondering...

Why is that for security reasons, one cannot do Ctrl+V to paste into

People argue that you cannot read user's cb. But i don't need to read
user's clip board. the user will initiate the action.

I can paste into a textarea form control, and most of those forms i
paste into are not signed code???

so, why does JTextPage require signing before someone would just do

I really think this is not a security issue, it's just unintended bug!.
because, if you can paste into a textarea on a webpage, using CTRL + V,
then you should be able to paste into the same JTextPane on the same

Any ideas?

Reply tascienu (12) 4/28/2005 7:20:34 AM

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tascienu@ecoaches.com wrote:
> People argue that you cannot read user's cb. But i don't need to read
> user's clip board. the user will initiate the action.

That's wrong. It can, but it must not be user-initiated. An applet can 
contain malicious code which just tries to read the clipboard:


This has to be prevented, so access to the system clipboard is 
controlled by a security manager.

The comp.lang.java.gui FAQ:
Reply Thomas 4/28/2005 9:46:36 AM
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