java to java networking

I have not written any socket code before or done any RMI.
I'd like to do the developer certification and also I have my own project
waiting in the wings that would benefit from this.  The latter is my primary

I have a distibuted java application (is this the right term?) that exists
on many users PCs on a network.  This is essentially just gui code.  I then
have a central java 'server' application that applies the model & all the
business rules.
The view application needs to deal just with the business app, which in turn
deals with the data layer, MySQL, Flatfile or whatever.  I think this is
pretty standard practice?

My basic understanding so far is that I should define the interface by which
the protocol operates.  I'm not entirely sure how to do this and what else I
need to do, though I imagine proper threading will form a crucial aspect of

Can anyone recommend a good book that assumes half decent OO & java skills,
and that I can apply to the developer certification.  I've got the Sybex
book 'complete java2 certification' but it glosses over a great deal of

Does anyone know of anything online that would help me?

Perhaps people could profer a Joshua Bloch style list of networking does and

Mike W

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