polish unicode works in java 1.1, but not with Sun java 1.2 vm

I have written the interface to my applet in polish using unicode
escape codes eg. \u0144 for the non latin characters. This works fine
under java 1.1. ( I compiled using -target 1.1 -bootclasspath
c:\jdk1.1.8 ... -extdirs "" and ran the applet using MS VM). However
when the applet is used with the Sun Java VM (Java 2 v1.4)in the
browser the escape codes do not work. They work for graphical output
such as g.drawString("% st\u0119\u017cenia ...)
but for the java awt labels and choice menus they just display little

So the MS VM seems to be using the correct fonts but the Sun Java VM
does not except for graphics.

Do I have to alter the font.properties file? 

That would imply every user would also have to, I want to keep the
applet java 1.1 so that it worked on all browsers

thanks for any help

declanwk1 (1)
2/25/2004 5:25:07 PM
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